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Houston, TX named 2011 City of the Year for Innovation

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Citing “Reinvention, innovation, and cultivation”, Fast Company recently selected Houston, TX as the 2011 Fast City of the Year.

Tony Diaz, Nuestra Palabra

Houston is going to be the boilerplate for what the multicultural American dream looks like.

Houston highlights & facts from the recent Fast Company Magazine Article include:

  • Houston is America’s fourth-largest city
  • Diverse city of 2.1 million residents, A-list universities, top museums, world’s largest, best medical center
  • Vibrant business community; more Fortune 500 company HQs except New York
  • Entrepreneurship is in it’s DNA  (i.e. Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship / UH )
  • “the most sophisticated global community in the world,” (Leisa Holland-Nelson)
  • Sense of opportunity & affordability; one of nation’s prime magnets for ages 25 to 34
  • Cultural diversity (42% Anglo, 33% Hispanic, 18% African-American, and 7% Asian & other)
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