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V BOZEMAN Cameo in Melody Ehsani: Behind The Hustle


“Stop Waiting to Be Who You Already Are.”

V. Bozeman Cameo

Check out V. BOZEMAN’s dope photo from a recent Melody Ehsani campaign… featured in the video profile, “Behind The Hustle – Melody Ehsani”  (at 1:11)

About Melody Ehsani

(from Behind the Hustle) :: “On her path to finding her passion, before she became designer, before celebrities began to wear her jewelry, Melody Ehsani used to intern at the White House as a lawyer. While not a bad gig, she knew something was missing in her life. Long story short, her path led her to design and jewelry. She had to go against the inevitable inertia of family questioning her choices, but Melody knows you have to continue to move in that direction if you truly think it is your path and calling. “The only way you can be of service to the world is by being yourself. ”

Quote of the day

When you’re creating a new position in the world.. you’re going to go up against inertia. That’s inevitable.” ~ Melody Ehsani

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