The Brand Man Memo (1931)

Neil McElroy – Brand Man Memo (1931) PDF

The Brand Man Memo by Neil McElroy serves as classic insight from one of the most pioneering Brand Managers of his time. It’s amazing how this past perspective still applies for brand strategy and management today.  Technology changes nothing.. the same frame work still applies.


According to Sean Duffy

“McElroy was a manager in Procter & Gamble’s advertising department. He wrote the memo to explain to his boss why he needed to hire two more people to help him do his job better.

McElroy got his two additional hires. He also got the attention of P&G’s president R. R. Deupree who shared the young ad manager’s views on brands. That view would lead Deupree to completely restructure P&G into a brand-centric organization. Seventeen years later at the age of 43 McElroy took the reins from his boss to become the president of P&G. In fact every president of P&G since McElroy has risen from the ranks of brand manager.

As a result of his memo, McElroy is credited with giving birth to the idea of brand management and his memo is one of our industry’s sacred texts.”

 Download: THE BRAND MAN Memo (PDF)

(source: Sean Duffy, Brand Rants)