TRIBUTE GOODS wins Best New Bedding Design at the NY NOW Market

(Cassie, Lauren and Karen Pulaski of Tribute Goods @ NY NOW in New York)

MODERN WHOLE client… Houston-based luxury linen company, Tribute Goods, recently won an award for Best New Bedding Design at the the 2013 NY NOW Summer Market in New York .The company’s founder, Karen Pulaski, attended the international event in New York with her team, to debut and launch the Tribute Goods Fine Linens Collection. Needless to say…. It was a HUGE Success!


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Tribute Goods Fine Lines at NY Now Market

More About Tribute Goods:

Residential interior designer, Karen Pulaski, launched the luxury linen company with the intention of sharing her love of art and beauty through creative collaboration with fine artists, seasoned linen purveyors, Italian graphic designers and printers and many other individuals who understood the soul of Pulaski’s project. She developed a meaningful theme and exquisite original artwork that evolved over a few years into four distinct collections representing the elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire. What began with a few scribbles became one-of-a-kind watercolor works of art that eventually evolved into digitally enhanced paintings, printed on a canvas of the finest Italian textiles.



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