#KeepMovin – Look Up.

Working Out, Getting Back in Shape During the past few months, I’ve been working out a lot more….and one of my main weapons of choice has been jogging. I admittedly stepped away from the running and fitness game for a FEW years (maybe 6), but lately …I’ve been increasingly inspired to get back on it. Two Energy

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thinking of what my dad told me 5 yrs ago… I was living in Atlanta and contemplating making a power-move to Houston to finish college at UH  and branch out in business.

“Stop fantasizing and dreaming…and Get to REALIZING and BE-ING!”

Big Alve & Lil' Alve

Big Alve & Lil’ Alve

#KeepMovin – Commentators and Sideliners

Just reflecting on these past years and wanted to hit y’all with something….Hustle continuous. Grind consistent. In whatever you do. Whatever field. Whatever stage. Whatever game. Whatever motivates you….go after it. Don’t listen to the Sideliners My czn’s, my homeboys and I call them “COMMENTATORS”…..here’s a picture… Lebron, Kobe, D. Wade, Shaq….you….anybody. You’re in the

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Roadblocks to Creativity

We all may experience roadblock mindsets that stand directly in the way of our creativity and success. Some we build ourselves, some we allow others to assemble for us. As good as advice can be, people tend to perceive and form opinions on topics based on their own frame of reference (i.e. beliefs, achievements, disappointments, fears, personal limitations).  If you, or

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