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BACK STORIES: Stay Inspired (Seconds) – Story Behind the Song

(Pictured in photo L-R: DJ Goo, Jimmy, C.Y ur Highness at PowerSpoken — Photo Credit: Alexis Christion)

feat. Ashley Forrestier & The MostCold
[Produced by The MostCold for BooKooBeats]

Story Behind The Song  [from Alverez]:

“I was in the working on a beat when Cymon (C.Y) called me on the cell. We had to reschedule a session and he was telling me about a few things that he and his family were dealing with. I shot him a few words of encouragement and then we got  off the phone.

As I put the cell phone down, I looked at the cpu clock. It was 2:22. It seemed like every time I looked at the clock that week…I saw the same time (AM or PM)… like I was Bill Murray and it was Groundhog Day or something.. LOL    When I went back to work and pressed play on the beat again…. The words to the Song Intro/Title Hit Me.  The Best thing I could tell C.Y was to Stay Inspired thru it all.  So I finished the beat, which wasn’t even originally meant for him (HAHAHA) and  sent him the reference intro. He wrote and recorded the hook and first verse  that night.

C.Y originally did the singing reference for the Hook. When I sent it to Ashley, she loved it and sent her version back soon after.  C.Y recorded his 2nd verse a few days later and it was a done deal.

These were all the original takes for the most part; Guerilla recordings with no engineer.  It was really meant as a reference version that we were going to perfect & polish in the studio with a few other songs.  But the newer vocals didn’t have the same vibe to it, didn’t seem as real.  C.Y’s voice didn’t sound the same.  So we went back to the raw version… the Unmix…. And decided to let you hear it.. The same way we heard it. The same version that motivated us. Recorded right when we needed to hear the words the most.”

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