#KeepMovin – 1998 was the Date

Fruity Loops Version 1 - MostCold

I was working on a project todayand it led me to reading  that Yahoo was Geocities was shutting down for good in October (R.I.P. Geocities).  So, using Google, I decided to take a search-engine powered trip down memory lane….. and look what I found!:

“Black Bonitas Will Be Back August 7, 1998.”



For everyone that knew me back in 1998… these were two of my main projects: The X-Large Homepage (w/ the infamous Shot-Out & La Familia Pages)… & Black Bonitas.

X-Large Productions - dongambino@geocities.com - El Guapo

Black Bonitas (The Original BooKoo Bonitas Project)

1998 WAS:  the year i started my first music internship;  the year I learned to use an MPC;  the first time I touched Turntables;   the year we moved into the Ollie.;   the first time i used FruityLoops.. (more than a few versions before FL Studio)!!


1998 is when it all began. and we’ve BEEN ON PUSH Ever Since….

These were the seeds that were planted which eventually grew into … MostCold Digital / BooKoo Beats and BooKoo Bonitas.

…and we’re Still Growing!



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