#KeepMovin – Commentators and Sideliners

Just reflecting on these past years and wanted to hit y’all with something….Hustle continuous. Grind consistent. In whatever you do. Whatever field. Whatever stage. Whatever game. Whatever motivates you….go after it.


Don’t listen to the Sideliners

My czn’s, my homeboys and I call them “COMMENTATORS”…..here’s a picture…

Lebron, Kobe, D. Wade, Shaq….you….anybody. You’re in the game. You and your teammates against your opposition. You take a bad shot, fumble a pass or blow the layup….the first thing the TV audience hears is “ohhh, how could he take that shot??…how could he not see that he wasn’t open??….etc..etc.” BUT the thing is……Do you think the person that’s playing the game…ever hears those comments?  No…. because they’re actually PLAYING THE GAME.

so, I encourage you to let the “commentators”, who probably can’t do what you do…..let them talk…..and brush off all the Bill Waltons and Peter Vescie’s in your life…and do whatever it is you do best. and with that….I leave you with this…


As Bad As You Want to Breathe…

A young warrior walked up to an old African sage sitting in his chair and asked him… “What is the secret to happiness and success in life?

The old sage looked around and pointed to a far of village, saying not one word. Still quiet, the sage grabbed the warrior by the hand and led him through the land towards the far off village…..

soon, they approached a wide lake. The warrior looked at the old sage, who still said nothing. The sage, remaining silent, proceeded to walk into the water while still dragging the warrior with him….

He led the warrior into the water until they were completely submersed. The sage stood still for a few minutes, until he saw the warrior begin to struggle…..

then he turned right back around and led the warrior out of the lake in the same direction they came.

The sage led the warrior all the way back to thier original location in his village, not one step closer to the far way location. He sat in his chair and still remained silent….

after a few minutes, the sage opened his mouth and asked….”Young Man, when you were in the lake, underwater, what was it that you desired the most?”

The young warrior replied in volume… “WHY YOU OLD FOOL, I WANTED TO BREATHE!”


“My son….when you want happiness and success in life as badly as you wanted to breathe….You will have found the secret.”

—– adapted from Think & Grow Rich