#KeepMovin – Look Up.

Working Out, Getting Back in Shape

During the past few months, I’ve been working out a lot more….and one of my main weapons of choice has been jogging. I admittedly stepped away from the running and fitness game for a FEW years (maybe 6), but lately …I’ve been increasingly inspired to get back on it.


Two Energy Options

OPTION A) On the “charged-up” days, I’m zoned in and hitting that deliberate stride…. shadow boxin’ in my dress socks (inside joke… i’ve literally went jogging in Polo dress socks when I didn’t do my shirt laundry).

OPTION B) On the less “inspired” days….. It seems more like I’m slowly falling forward.  Either way.. I’m running, working on getting in shape… and its forward movement, but I have a feeling that Option A will work out a little bit better in the “long run”.  Lol


Look Up

Today… I was charged up when I hit the pavement, but in the middle of my route…. I noticed I was literally looking down  the whole time;  looking at my feet while I was running.  And then….. all of a sudden …. it was like one of my old basketball or football coaches just shouted out.. .“What’s down there? What are u looking at? ALVEREZ!… Look  Up.” So I heard them…. Put my shoulders back, picked my head up and kept trucking.


The Point

Sometimes we run thru life….holding back, looking at the ground, checking our steps like we’re unsure of our footing or something. But if we’re going to be there… Be There.

Wherever You Are - Be There - KeepMovin - MostCold

Look  up.   Keep running forward….. & Use your peripheral “vision” to anticipate the road as it comes.


Running in Dress Socks


The DressSocks Shadowboxer.


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