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C.Y ur HIGHNESS: Exclusive Interview for

C.Y is still in the lab, about 15 tracks deep…with much more studio work in store.  He also  just finished an Exclusive interview with Micki B for Check out what was on his mind…

MickiB: Describe your style. Where do you draw your inspiration?

C.Y: My inspiration comes from art….

MickiB: Who would your style be comparable to?

C.Y: Definitely, Nas, one of my idols in the game, also, Dungeon Family, the Atlanta sound. Still current & trendy, but it has depth. Touches on subjects that our society tends to sway away from.

MickiB: How do feel you have grown musically since your start in your music career?

C.Y: I have grown a lot. I take a more active approach about being a student of the game. I am really not in competition with other local artists.

MickiB: Do you make music for yourself? For other artists?

C.Y: Well to be perfectly honest with you, I have sort of a tribute song to the pioneers in the game. But, I really don’t make music for other artists.

MickiB: How did you hook up with BooKoo Beats?

C.Y: I first hooked up with BooKoo Beats when Alverez [producer and CEO] was working at a large chain retail store and I came in to pick up some equipment. We ended talking and setting up a future meeting and I recorded something with a couple of other guys. We went from there.

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