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MEANGIRL realeases the “STUPID ABSTRACT” Album

12-12-12: WestCoast Songwriting Monster and Graphic Design Beast, MEANGIRL, releases her newest future-pop / r&b album, “STUPID ABSTRACT”…. and its Stupid Dope.

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MeanGirl Music

Overall, MEANGIRL’s powerful vocal-range and soft voice melt beautifully into the huge harmonies and drum production on “Heart”, “Coca-Cola Girlz” and “FAT B!TCH”.  Dive in deeper to hear her songwriter’s heart and melodic talent shine on more reflective tracks like “Warrior” and “Last Sunrise”.

The album is primarily produced/written by MeanGirl & P. Washington. It also features guest appearances and production from Tad Swanson, Liberty Jayne and a dope sample on “Warriors” that movie fans will appreciate.

Check out / Listen to one of the powerful pop ballads from “STUPID ABSTRACT”… entitled “BELIEVE”

MeanGirl - STUPID ABSTRACT Album - Track Listing

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