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Erin Stevenson’s Birthday Mix-Up! LOL

Recently there was a little confusion on Erin Stevenson‘s Facebook page. I have to admit… it GOT me too! … I’m not sure what happened but as the story goes…… Erin was in Los Angeles recording and working on her new album (due very soon!). Meanwhile, on the web, the Facebook database got confused or something..because all of a sudden, it showed that Erin’s birthday was coming up on this past Easter weekend.

So needless to say….. her Facebook friends were hitting up her Facebook wall, showing love and giving her much appreciated “Happy B-Day” greetings.

Even a few of her real friends got caught up in the confusion and after seeing her birthday notice on Facebook, still called her back after just talking to her to say Happy BDay.

But outside of all the talk…. Her VIDEO RESPONSE says it Best…

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