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V. BOZEMAN Debuts “FREE BIRD”, a Striking New Music Video

On the day of the re-election inauguration of Pres. Barack Obama, CeeLo Green’s talented and beautiful artist/protege’…. simply known as… V, released her powerful new song and video, “FREE BIRD”

V Bozeman – Free Bird

The song attempts to tackle tough life subjects  and was a journey of personal discovery and re-interpretation for the young artist/songwriter from Los Angeles. The song, “FREE BIRD” was originally written and recorded by the Southern Rock band, Lynryrd Skynyrd.

In an effort to convey her vision fully.. V. Bozeman was compelled to write an OPEN LETTER to her fans and listeners about the Vision for her “FREE BIRD” Cover/Remake.  In V’s words:

[adrotate group=”2″] “The beautiful and most riveting thing about Art is that it speaks to the individual and everyone gets something different from it.

To me, the overall message in “Free Bird” is LOVE!
Something the world needs more of!
Something we ourselves need more of!
LOVE is accepting and understanding…
It’s healing; amongst many other powerful things…essentially, it’s FREEDOM!

Through my expression of “Free Bird,” I wanted to send a visual message to break the chains of negative stereotypes, racism, poverty, war, sexism, self hatred, etc. that hold us back as a people, as a nation.

I decided to release this visual during President Barack Obama’s inauguration because the significance of this historic moment aligns with the overall theme of the song. As an artist I’ve always had a perspective and a voice and its important to me that I always be authentic to not only my fans, but myself in my expression.”

V Bozeman releases Powerful Lynyrd Skynrd Remake, "FREE BIRD"

V Bozeman releases Powerful Lynyrd Skynrd Remake, “FREE BIRD”

Free Bird Song + Video Credits

  • Video Directed by: Simon Chan
  • Written by: Allen Collins + Ronnie Van Zant
  • Song Re-Produced by: Timothy Bloom
  • Make up by: Niama Jamal
  • Bodyography: Bethany “Peanut” Strong
  • Costume Design: Nathalia
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