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New Orleans Native Melodically Celebrates Her Diverse Heritage


New Orleans Native Melodically Celebrates Her Diverse Heritage

Ashley Forrestier’s “I Am Creole” Anthem

Upon a historic Super Bowl win, New Orleans native and resident Houstonian Ashley Forrestier paid homage to her beloved Saints by penning the tune, “Who Dat (Going to the Super Bowl).” Her newest song is a tribute to her Louisiana heritage as she proudly proclaims, “I AM CREOLE!”

The song emphasizes pride and aims to reignite awareness about a culture grounded in family, fun, food, dancing and music.  “I have always wanted to do a song celebrating my culture.  Years ago our grandparents were shunned for speaking Creole, so a lot of the culture is lost. Now is the time to rejuvenate it and involve the younger Creole generation,” beams the songstress.

Generally speaking, “Creole” refers to a person of mixed colonial French, Spanish, African American, Native American or West African ancestry.  Ashley feels, “Creole is a culture and not a race; It is a rich culture with numerous contributions to food, entertainment and Louisiana history.”

I Am Creole is an upbeat, infectious song that will have any person of any cultural background singing, “I am Creole!” as it’s impossible to listen to the song, without belting the hook.  The song is written and produced by Ashley Forrestier and fellow New Orleans native, Alverez the MostCold. To lend assistance to those in their home state, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the tune will be donated to the recovery efforts of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster.


The song, “I AM CREOLE” by Ashley Forrestier, is available via iTunes, Amazon or other digital retailers.


Ashley Forrestier (The Creole1Queen) – Born in the 7th ward of New Orleans, Louisiana , Forrestier moved to Houston, Texas after evacuating her hometown due to destruction of Hurricane Katrina. After performing locally and posting videos of her cover songs, Forrestier caught the attention of Houston music producer, Alverez the MostCold in 2009 and began writing and recording material for her debut solo project.

Through the imprint, MostCold Digital, Ashley and The MostCold have executive produced and released 3 singles, “Who Dat (Going to The Superbowl)”,Who Dat (Superbowl Victory Remix)” and “I Am Creole“, along with the 5-track Digital EP Release, “The Creole1Queen EP” in 2010.


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