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Ashley Forrestier Interview on

Ashley Forrestier was recently interviewed for the “Musical Chairs” segment on the website,

Interview by Thais Mills

Here’s some of what the interviewer, Thais Mills, had to say…

“I press play on Ashley’s new song “I AM CREOLE” when I’m ready to feel “Mardi-Gras happy” and dance like I have no care in the world. If you’re from New Orleans and hear this you will understand. Its like modern Zydeco mixed with Hip Hop and I’m so honored to have a song that lets the world know who I am… CREOLE !!! Being a true ” Creole ” myself I felt as though there wasn’t a song to let people know what the world really means. When I heard it I just had to talk to Ashley….. She’s taken her heritage and sewed it into the fabric of her budding music brand.”

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