Danisha Danielle looks sexy in her purple & gold FEWDM Shirt

  FEWDM = For Everyone Who Doubted Me Check our Danisha Danielle looking sexy in her purple and gold FEWDM shirt and Follow the Inspirational Brand at: www.fewdm.com   Follow Danisha Danielle Follow inspirational financial expert and real estate expert, Danisha Danielle at @DanishaDanielle and www.DanishaDanielle.com   Media Platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Profile: Danisha Danielle Industry: Entertainment Medium:

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Introducing… Danisha Danielle

Danisha Danielle is a Los Angeles-based financial expert and media personality. She shares her expertise and experience through many TV, Radio & Blog outlets including NBC, Sirius Radio / Foxxhole Radio, MomLogic.com & LA Talk Live. As Principal of Hoston & Associates, Danisha is a successful real estate broker and investor who has made every financial mistake in the book…yet managed to create wealth

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