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The WHO DAT (Super Bowl) VICTORY PROJECT by Ashley Forrestier

(WHODAT PRESSKIT / EPK) Fueled by the Saints historic win that sealed the team’s first appearance in the Super Bowl, songstress Ashley Forrestier was inspired. Reflecting on a city that was broken down by wind and water, the Saints NFC victory turned the tide and New Orleans natives were able to stand proudly with strength. She felt an overwhelming need to memorialize the moment.

A paralegal for a prestigious Houston law firm, the New Orleans native sat in her office filled with a euphoric sense of pride, passion and devotion. Rhythmically, she put pen to paper and created a song to express her enthusiasm.

“New Orleans is called the Big Easy for a reason. It’s BIG on music, fun, great food and unmatched hospitality; and it’s so EASY to love its culture, character and especially the people. I’ve longed to write a song about a place I’m proud to call home. The Saints’ win just threw that one in my lap. I was motivated to give them a theme song!”

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The R&B singer/songwriter teamed up with her producer & fellow New Orleans native, Alverez the MostCold to compose “WHO DAT [Going to the SuperBowl]” and “WHO DAT SUPERBOWL] VICTORY REMIX“, two brewing, infectious before?and?after versions of a song that ignited a Black & Gold movement with pride and unity. The songs capture a moment in time that can be felt by the entire Who Dat Nation, which, like its team, has had to overcome major obstacles. The songs are less “locker?room fight anthems” and more of a celebration of the city’s and the Saints’ Super Bowl victory in the fight against all odds.

The “WHO DAT NATION” Video by Ashley Forrestier


“It really stems from Hurricane Katrina because it really tore the city down…& when the Saints won [it] unified and ignited a fire within the people IN New Orleans…. and also the Saints fans that are dispersed.” – Ashley Forrestier, KHOU 11 Houston Interview (Ron Trevino)

“If we could just give a fraction of musical content back to a culture that has given us so much… That would be success.” – Alverez the MostCold, KHOU 11 Houston Interview (Ron Trevino)

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